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Tips to Keep Your Computer Safe from Viruses

Your computer is a very vulnerable device infected with the virus. Because the computer you use often to download, most will be infected with the virus. In addition the movement of the virus can be through your flash. If your computer has a virus, then the data you save may also be infected. The most inconvenient is if your file is entirely a shortcut. Of course you do not want this to happen on your computer. So you have to make some effort to prevent your computer from getting infected with virus. Viruses on your computer will prevent your device from working. Suddenly the memory on your device becomes full. Some ways to lower the level of viral infections are as follows.

  1. First, give your computer an antivirus. The simplest step is to download an antivirus. Sometimes you can download the free version. But of course antivirus performance is different from paid programs. So you should subscribe antivirus with paid. Because the performance will be better in warding off computer viruses. You can try first in the shortest time. Each antivirus offers a different perogram.
  2. Secondly, you should update the antivirus on your device. Furthermore, if you already have antivirus, you should update periodically. Suppose you are on a wifi Then you can update your antivirus program. Thus your antivirus will reproduce the virus type dictionary. The more viral vocabulary, then your antivirus capabilities will increase.
  3. Third, you can backup your data. If you are worried about your missing data, then prepare a special space to backup the data. Usually a virus-infected computer can damage files. So your file will change to shortcut and can not be reopened.
  4. Fourth, you should be careful when downloading files. Next you have to choose a site that is convincing. Usually free blog will give the virus on the file you download. So that your computer can be infected with the virus when downloading the file. If you want to download a file, choose a trusted website.
  5. Fifth, you must be careful to open the file attachment. If you often use email for communication, you have to be careful. Because sometimes file attachment can carry a virus when you download. So do not open emails from indiscriminate people.
  6. Sixth, scan all incoming devices on your computer. Before you use the flash and hard drive, you should scan first. Because we do not know whether the device is free from viruses. So before you open the device, right click on the device icon. Then click scan with your antivirus program. If your antivirus has cleared the device, you can start using it.
  7. Seventh, make sure all your software is genuine. Then you should install all the original programs. Because the free program will facilitate your computer virus. Even if you have to pay a fee, but the impact to your computer will be better. So do not until you take advantage of free program that eventually make you lose. Thus some tips to avoid computer viruses. You can consult your computer problems at the nearest outlet. If you want to see some other cool tips, visit our website at Zahracomedy.com.

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