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Tips To Get More Benefits from Your Shopping Receipt

Hello shopper addict! Well, who doesn’t like to go shopping? Everyone likes it of course. It is a need to fulfill your living experiences. Indeed, it will increase your happiness. You are able to get nice things you need. They are like footwear, sportswear, bags, shoes, furniture, and others. After you make a transaction, you will get a receipt. It is the evidence of the stuff you buy. But, do you know that you can get more benefits with your receipt? You can receive rewards or prize from your receipt. Does it sound nice right? Let’s find out how

Have you known about customer satisfaction survey? Or hear about sweepstakes program? They are the program for all customers to give an honest review. The review is about the customer shopping or visiting experiences. As the reward for doing the survey, you will receive a prize. But, you need the receipt to enter the program. Indeed, you need to know what brands or store makes that kind of program. For further details, you can check it in Bringtolightnyc.org. Bringtolightnyc is the best site to give everything about customer survey program.

  1. Visit bringtolightnyc

First, before deciding where to shop, you can check Bringtolightnyc.org. It is the customer survey guidance website. Here you can find various companies, brands, restaurant customer survey list. You can see who holds the survey and what the prizes are. After you do the shopping, don’t throw away the receipt. You can use it to join the customer satisfaction survey. It is the program to know customer review after go shopping. You can get the survey guidance in Bringtolightnyc website. You just need to visit Birngtolightnyc.org. There you get the steps to win special rewards. It can be coupon discount, free menu or product. Check Bringtolightnyc.org to get more details.

  1. Enter the Sweepstake Program

A second thing you can do is joining sweepstake program. It is the program for all the customers after do the shopping. You have a chance to win fresh money or gift card balance here. You can use the prize to do another shopping again. Does it sound nice right? To get the list of brands, stores or restaurants that make this program, find it in Bringtolightnyc.org. It is the best site for sweepstake programs. Indeed, you can get the guidance as well. It will be nice for all the newcomers. Bringtolightnyc contents are simple and communicative. So, you can take the point easily.

  1. Enter the Satisfaction Survey Program

Use your receipt to enter the customer survey. In this survey, you need to put your honest review. Your review will be about your last visiting or shopping. This survey intends to find your satisfaction level while visiting a store. To enter this program, you need the receipt details. It is like survey codes, store codes and your visiting date. To complete this survey, you just need a few seconds. Then, you can get your validation code. It is the code you need to write on a paper. This code is redeemable with special rewards. The reward can be a discount coupon, free menu or free product. It depends on the company term and condition. To get the details, you can visit Bringtolightnyc. It is the best site to know about survey programs.

After you know about customer survey, don’t throw away your shopping receipt. You need the receipt codes to enter survey or sweepstakes program. Indeed, you need this receipt as well to redeem your rewards. It is the proof that you are the true customer. To redeem the reward, you need to bring the receipt and validation code. It is the code you get after finishing the survey. As for the sweepstake, you need to wait for the winner announcement. Then, you can claim the prize if you win the program.

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